Tips to Styling California Bungalows in the Inner West of Sydney

There can be many different styles of homes found in the Inner west of Sydney, but the most popular ones, perhaps, are the Califorgiga-sport 24bottles von-dutch fracominaoutlet capsvondutch geoxoutlet kleankanteenkinder coralblueoutlet blundstoneprezzi diegodallapalmaoutlet moorecains vondutchmutzen akuscarpe fracominaoutlet tatacalzature nia Bungalows. The Cal Bung (for short) are homes that were popularized in 1920. They were originally bought in from Pasadena, California, in 1916. The Australian real estate agent who got the first ones assembled, did so for the Rosebery suburb of Sydney.

This style of home became so popular in the 1920s that there were hardly any other style of home constructed in Sydney, other than the widely acclaimed Cal Bung.

There are many Californian bungalows in Sydney

Since its popularity in the 1920s, Sydney has had a love affair with these Californian Bungalows. Films and magazines popularized this kind of bungalow in the 1920s but the real reason they were built were because they were cost effective to build. The uniformity in approach to constructing these houses also meant that they could be manufactured easily in bulk, contributing to their popularity.

In the suburbs of Sydney, you will find many Cal Bungs just sitting out there in the open. The bungalows may seem worn out because they’ve been here for so long but don’t let that undermine its value. The Cal Bung can be refurbished and renovated, and with some interior design and modern styling, it can be a marvel to look at.

Here are some styling tips for these types of homes in Inner West Sydney,

Lightening Them Up with Extensions

The extensions to these wonderful homes can give you the chance to have light enter the home more naturally, allowing indoor and outdoor areas for entertainment to be illuminated greatly. The extensions can allow you to make your home more productive and look amazing with a little bit of renovation.

Remember that the home is a classic, and one can be successfully transformed with the right renovation project. You don’t have to go it alone, as professional interior designers can give you a bit of perspective to create that Advantage Property Styling and look that you want from the Cal Bung.

Double Storey Renovations

This is yet another way to add to your property’s value and to make it pop out from the rest of the homes. You can change the floor plans and add renovate your kitchen, adding lighting fixtures to match your home’s ambience and style.

You may even have custom wardrobes added to your Californian Bungalow to make a style statement. Christophe Living helps you make the decision that’s best for your needs when it comes to double storey renovations. Just remember to keep everything in line with and complimenting the style of your Cal Bung, including the stairs leading to the second storey.

Simplicity and Cleaning Up

Often times simpler, is better. This can be applied to Californian Bungalows in Inner West Sydney. A little bit of touch up on the exterior paint of the house and getting the landscaping to compliment that can go a long way when it comes to styling your Cal Bung.

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