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We Found Our Dream Home in Three Weeks

My husband and I have lived in the Denver area for the last four years. We were not sure if this was where we were going to put down roots, and it took nearly three years to determine that it was. That is why we lived in a luxury apartment for those first three years, which was nice. However, when we knew we were staying permanently, I contacted a Denver realtor because I wanted to live in a house again. The apartment was nice, and it had everything we could ever want, but I wanted a nice yard and more space.

We have three children, and I wanted to make sure whatever home we purchased was still in their school district. I did not want to have to uproot them from their friends and activities just to have them start all over again. I also told the realtor a few other things that I wanted, like a huge yard, a large patio in the back for entertaining, and at least four bathrooms if not more. Having five of us in the house means that the bathrooms get used a lot, especially with two teen girls.

The realtor showed me several houses that first week, but none of them felt right. With each one, I was able to tell him why I did not like it, which made his search for our perfect home easier. Within three weeks, he had showed us at least a dozen houses, and it was the last one that we all fell in love with. I was so excited as soon as I saw the exterior of the house as well as the land it sits on, and that feeling did not go away as I looked at the interior. I was surprised that it took just a few weeks to find our dream home, and I could not have done that without such a great realtor helping us.