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We Finally Found an Apartment That Looked As Good in Person As It Did Online

We looked at a bunch of different apartments. They had amenities listed online that were not up to standard when you went and saw them. Many places offered a fitness center, but they were small and not well equipped. The swimming pools were also small and not well maintained. We were about to give up looking when we found the CityPark View South apartments. You can click here to see their website, and then go and see how it looks as good in person as it does on the website. They take care of this place.

The apartment we toured was really clean. I thought it had been renovated after the last tenant moved out. They just cleaned it so good that it looks new. I think they did repaint. My husband and I both looked around and did not find any dirt or grime in the areas you might not normally clean well. It was even clean behind the refrigerator. We looked when the person showing us the apartment had to take a call. We are a short walk away from the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market. We are vegetarians, so this is very important to us. There was nothing we could come up with that would have us need to look any further for a new apartment.

We signed a lease and were enjoying the pool and cooking in our new kitchen the next day. Since we did not have to clean anything, we just started moving in right away. Without having to move major appliances, the move went smooth and quickly. We do not have a bunch of junk that we keep. We live clutter free, but we do have some special things such as our hobby stuff and family pictures and those inevitable hand-me-down knick knacks and stuff.