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We Are Rooming Together at Green Park

My roommate and I could not be more different. I know that might make some people wonder how we can get along as well as we do, but it is because we are so different that we can live together. We both wanted to live in luxury apartments in Decatur GA but we also knew that we could not do it on our own. We did figure out that if we combined efforts and money, we would be able to get a really nice two bedroom unit at Green Park though, which is where we both wanted to live.

My roomie is very outgoing and loves to be the life of the party. I, on the other hand, don’t care if I see another person for days at a time. I am not anti-social, but I am not a social butterfly either. The apartment that we found is perfect for both of us because it is two levels. On the upper level are our bedrooms. Hers is right at the top of the steps, and it has a private bath for her. Mine is down the hall, and I also have a private bath. There are no other rooms upstairs, so there is no reason for anyone else to be upstairs.

The main floor has a combination living room and dining room. There is a really nice kitchen at the far end, and the laundry room is next to it. My favorite part of the downstairs is the third bathroom. It is only a half bathroom, but no one should really need to get a shower anyway if they are only coming over for dinner! She can have her friends over, and I cannot even hear them when I am up in my room. This really is the best arrangement!