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Reasons to Install a Residential Lift

Times are changing, and home lifts aren’t just for the rich, famous, or elderly anymore. The cost of labor and materials has gone down significantly, and with industry innovations, residential lifts are becoming more practical. Below are several good reasons to consider hiring home lift installation services.

Increasing Property Values

Lift installation can add substantial value to the home, which makes it a sensible investment. Many potential homebuyers gravitate toward homes with lift access because of current or future mobility concerns. Even if an owner doesn’t currently benefit from every part of having a lift, they can sell the home for a higher price.


Generally, home lifts can make it easier to move between floors or carry bulky, heavy items. This function is particularly noticeable in busy homes. When a person requires increased physical effort to move about a multilevel home, they’ll eliminate much of the work if they install a lift.

Enhanced Home Safety and Security

Residential lift installations are beneficial for small children and the elderly. With a lift, there’s less chance of an accident, and it’s harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access. For those looking to increase home security, a lift can be an important part of an overall security package.


Few potential customers realize that a residential lift takes up less room than a conventional stairwell. A homeowner with a lift can increase the useable area of the residence, which can spill over into other areas.

Make a Statement

Installing a lift will add style and sophistication to the home. With the number of available designs, there’s a look to suit everyone’s taste. From modern and minimalistic to ornate and classical, there’s a home lift for every customer.

Space-Saving Designs

As technology evolves and engineers learn how to fit lifts into smaller spaces, they can be designed for even the most compact applications. It’s easy to see why residential lifts are so popular among style-conscious homeowners who want to upgrade their home and increase its resale value. For more information on the installation of residential lifts, call us or visit our website today.