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Finding a Mattress to Fit the Budget

The pricing of new mattresses ranges from cheap to high-end. There is typically some warning before a mattress is shot, but that may or may not coincide with the budget. There are a few options available when experiencing budgetary constraints. Second hand stores can sometimes have mattresses in stock and the price will be low. Be sure to sterilize it before sleeping on it.

A mattress topper can be used to prolong the life of a mattress. Toppers are not designed for durability, but will provide some time to save money for a proper mattress. Other low budget options include surplus stores and department stores. There are also manufacturers known for budget pricing, such as Ikea, DHP, and Signature Sleep. Research budget mattresses online to find out more options.

Mid-Level Options

Many excellent mattresses are available in this middle price range. Smaller manufacturers, newer businesses, and those with a focus on new materials offer their products at lower pricing than high-end brands. Saatva, for example, utilizes bio-soy foam in their mattresses. Wright W1.27 mattresses are made with cutting-edge materials and are reasonably priced.

Top of the Line

When money is not an issue, there are many more options. The Harmony Bed is made of organic latex, while the Tempur-Pedic brand is well-known for high-end mattresses. Zenhaven and Duxiana are also luxury mattress manufacturers. Be careful to compare mattresses before purchasing because a high price tag does not always mean excellent quality.

Mattresses at any price point need to be tried out to ensure there is proper support and comfort for your body. Do not be bashful. Sitting on the edge and bouncing on a mattress will not indicate support and comfort levels. Lay on the mattress, shed the shoes, and get into favorite sleeping positions. Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes o the mattress before deciding which to purchase.

Proper Care

Rotating the mattress every four to six months will prevent pre-mature sagging and wear. Cleaning spills as soon as possible will keep mattresses from getting moldy or breaking down. A waterproof mattress is also a great precaution to protect the mattresses in every bedroom in the home.