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A Spacious Apartment for Me and My Son

I needed to look at two bedroom apartments for rent in Washington DC, and I honestly did not know where to start. I decided to look at a map of DC and look at only the apartments in the areas where I would be spending the majority of my time there. That is how I ended up looking at Westbrooke Place, and I am very happy that I did. I knew that I needed a two bedroom unit, so I was really excited to see over 20 different floor plans for apartments that have two bedrooms. Some of them have just one bath and others have two, so I looked at those ones only because we definitely wanted two bathrooms as well.

There were a lot that had balconies, but I had no interest in that at all. They frighten me, to be completely honest, and I knew that I would never step foot on one. That eliminated some but not all, but I was happy there were still quite a few to look at. I ended up getting one that is nearly 1,000 square feet, which is a nice size for a two bedroom unit.

My bedroom is at the far end of the apartment, and it has a spacious walk in closet too. What I really enjoy the most about my bedroom is the size of it. Every apartment I have lived in in the past has had small bedrooms, where I could fit a bed and a dresser but not much else. With this bedroom, I can have my bed and dresser, plus a sitting area and even a chest of drawers or a couple of bookcases if I want. The other bedroom is smaller, but my son is only three years old and doesn’t care about things like that yet. This is a great apartment!